Panning-Street Photography

Last Saturday me and my wife were able to attend the KL Pinoy Photography Buffs first Street Photography held at the Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. Some photographers want to capture nice panning shot.

What is panning in photography? Panning is usually used in photography to capture a moving object in motion. The captured object is clearly caught on camera and the background become blur. Photographers used some tripods or monopods in capturing panned pictures to keep the camera in steady. The other option is to put it on a table or stable object like fence or chair. Panning should be stable so that blur will become smoother.

The fast moving subject like cars are easy to capture in a faster shutter speed but if the subjects move slowly, the panning will not be in good effect. In this case the speed of the object and the exact length of exposure should be balance. The distance from the background and subject must be considered.

Here are my sample shots as I explore the panning shot technique.


  1. Those were great shots. Thanks for the Info on Panning.

  2. at a glance, the last two photos seems to be an ordinary shot of a road. But as I look closer, I can see the red lines which is the effect of the car's back light and the control over the shutter speed and exposure.

  3.'s called Panning to capture the moving object..
    Those are great!!
    thanks for sharing..

    I just wonder, are u Filipino living in Malay?

    Thanks so much for coming to my site and join by google connect.
    I'll do the same
    have a wonderful day.

  4. this is a very informative blog on photography. Thanks :)

  5. wat a interesting shots!
    wish to be a gud photographer like u.. ;)


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