Hong Kong Kim Gary at KL Malaysia

One of our favorite restaurant in KL is the Hong Kong Kim Gary. Mostly me and my wife order the Shredded Pork with Sweet corn white sauce with rice that cost RM9.90. 

We already visit their two store in KL, Sri Hartamas Shopping Center and Time Square. Hartamas Branch is just walking distance in my place and we visit at Time Square every went their to shop or in Lowyat to but electronic gadgets.

Hong Kong Kim Gary at Time Square

Hong Kong Kim Gary  Menu

Hong Kong Kim Gary  Menu

Hong Kong Kim Gary Shredded Pork with Sweet corn white sauce with rice 

Hong Kong Kim Gary Shredded Pork with Sweet corn white sauce

A Perfect Tandem: Food Blog and Food Photography

Watching the sunset this afternoon made me nostalgic so I tried to amuse myself to divert my nostalgic state. Instead I captured another golden hour scene from my window. It’s been a long while I haven’t gone to a photo session. Looks like I miss clicking the shutter and viewing on my camera’s viewfinder. Last week I just had an invite to be a back up photographer in a birthday party of my friend but unfortunately I was a bit cramming and was trying to beat a deadline so I didn't make it.


After hitting the deadline, a friend who generously cooks invited us again for lunch at his place. He has invited us over the couple of weekends and I get to taste his recipes. I never knew he's a good cook until I tried his dishes. He can be a good food blogger if he decided to blog his cooking for sure, I will be one of his followers. Speaking of food blog, I have been contemplating on starting a food blog. Yes, you read it right, a food blog. I may not be as good as my friend and I may not have plans of taking culinary but I can cook and it might be a good idea to journal my cooking adventure and perhaps our dining out experience. I have been visiting food blogs with great food stock photos which also inspires me to try food photography. Food blog and food photography? I think that would be a perfect partner. So I think I’d better get started. Wish me luck! Here’s to give you a glimpse.


Pork adobo

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