A Perfect Tandem: Food Blog and Food Photography

Watching the sunset this afternoon made me nostalgic so I tried to amuse myself to divert my nostalgic state. Instead I captured another golden hour scene from my window. It’s been a long while I haven’t gone to a photo session. Looks like I miss clicking the shutter and viewing on my camera’s viewfinder. Last week I just had an invite to be a back up photographer in a birthday party of my friend but unfortunately I was a bit cramming and was trying to beat a deadline so I didn't make it.


After hitting the deadline, a friend who generously cooks invited us again for lunch at his place. He has invited us over the couple of weekends and I get to taste his recipes. I never knew he's a good cook until I tried his dishes. He can be a good food blogger if he decided to blog his cooking for sure, I will be one of his followers. Speaking of food blog, I have been contemplating on starting a food blog. Yes, you read it right, a food blog. I may not be as good as my friend and I may not have plans of taking culinary but I can cook and it might be a good idea to journal my cooking adventure and perhaps our dining out experience. I have been visiting food blogs with great food stock photos which also inspires me to try food photography. Food blog and food photography? I think that would be a perfect partner. So I think I’d better get started. Wish me luck! Here’s to give you a glimpse.


Pork adobo

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