Port Dickson in Malaysia

Port Dickson: A Weekend Gateaway Close to the City

I was frazzled with so many deadlines the past weeks and so after accomplishing and meeting all the deadline it’s time to take a break and unwind. Away from my loved ones, I usually wind down in solitude. But this time, I had a chance to join a group of friends for a weekend gateaway. Drove more than an hour and a half from Kuala Lumpur, we went to relax and plunge ourselves in the stunning beaches of Port Dickson.

The small town in the state of Negeri Simbilan used to produce charcoal has evolved into a famous holiday destination and busy trading center. Aside from the 18 kilometers stretch of stunning beach, being close to the country’s capital, Kuala Lumpur makes Port Dickson a popular beach holiday destination.

Having that 18 kilometers stretch of beach, you've got numbers of resort to chose from. It’s your call on what resort to stay as the cleanness of water as well as the quality of sand definitely varies. One of the best beach resorts in the area is Pantai Teluk Kemang which is also the well known and most visited beach in Port Dickson. Aside from the resort’s basic facilities, you've got various water sports to enjoy plus wide variety of food stalls and restaurants. Accommodations such as hotels, apartments and bungalow are just walking distance from the beach. Some hotel resorts in the area can be good for a wedding reception, parties and other special events. 

My friends and I stayed at Sri Bulan place, a condominium type hotel with swimming pool in the podium which also has a nice view of the beach. Here are few snaps I took around the area.

Pool reside in our Hotel

View from our Hotel

Port Dickson Beach Resort 1

Port Dickson Beach Resort 2

Port Dickson Beach


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