Architectural Photography

Architecture is the popular subject for photographers, even people travel around the world want to take pictures with the background of popular structures. I spend a lot of time searching for a building that I felt it will produce a creative photograph.

As a photography lover, architecture offers many different challenges, especially for new in photography (like me). Architecture can be very demanding to shoot, but the key in solving this and attaining good images is to understand image distortion and finding the best time to capture the building at its most glamorous moment.

By experienced, shooting directly in front of the building will limit your options but will limit the amount of distortion in your image. View cameras are ideal cameras for architectural photography. They minimise distortion and allow you to shoot from any angle. If you really want architectural photography, consider investing a View Camera.

I also noticed that shooting too near to the base will make the base of the building look too large compared to the top. And structure looks plain and uninteresting during the day but it can be transformed by lighting at night.

But like all types of photography – practice makes perfect.

Finally, Architecture photography is really a gift that will last a lifetime. Sometimes buildings are just naturally beautiful...

Here are some of my photos, hope you like it…


  1. Thanks for the tips. By the way, I like your shots especially the second picture.

  2. ganda pala sa gabi 2ng petronas twin tower...gusto ko tuloy pailawin 2ng keychain nana petronas ku...!!!aus !! ang galing mong kumuha!

  3. brialiant shot! are you going to put on the larger resolution of them? coz i love your work and i'd like to see them.
    Keep up the good work!


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