We were fascinated by its natural beauty. A pristine cove with an off white beach front line up with pine trees.

Take a short trek to the mountain and you will see its breathtaking view from the top. The 200 pesos fee for the guide and scary climb was worthy. It was a 15 minutes trek up there.

Enjoyed the crystal clear water, we’ve noticed that while where swimming you can see the fishes around you. While swimming, remind yourself to take a bunch of care. Anawangin cove have several drowning incident, don’t swim on the left side of the beach they have identified it as a danger zone.

Capones Island

We left anawangin and head to the nearby capones island. It was a 20 minutes boat ride from anawangin.
It’s a rocky island with moderate waves.
This is really a nice place. A heaven, a paradise whatever you describe it bottom line is it’s really a very nice place. I just hope that, as we enjoy its beauty, let as all be a good steward of God’s workmanship. Let us keep Anawangin clean and green. Please do not left anything but footsteps.


  1. thanks for visiting my blog. where's capones island by the way? nice photos you got there.

  2. ice site...visit me back

  3. when did you got to anawangin? can you give me contact number of the guide? thanks!


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