Online Shopping

My wife use to shop online for her personal stuff while I prefer to go to the store for my stuff. I normally refuse when she tell me to buy stuff online. But last day, I was persuaded by her to try the convenience of shopping online. Last Saturday I had no time to go to the store, so I tried to purchase a memory card online. It’s the first item I have purchased something online and pretty well the transaction went well, just like when my sister in-law bought her nursing uniforms online for the first time. Just like her, I’m happy that the transaction went well and the item was delivered right on my doorstep within 24 hours. It was also my wife who convince my sister in-law to try shopping online, and thru her she was able to find a good medical uniform store online.

Now it looks like, that I will be having my next shopping online to avoid the hassle & bustle of going to the mall. I hope to find a good mens scrub pants the next time I shop online. Thanks to my wife, I should have done more online shopping before if you had convinced me to shop online early.


  1. nice... I'm really kind of scared about online shopping.. i felt that everything on the internet is a scam..but I heard many people really does it.. shopping online..maybe give it a try someday.

  2. good informattion


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