Hibiscus Flower

Bunga Raya in Malaysia
Gumamela in Philippines

In our country (Philippines) we call it as gumamela. I remember, when I was a child I used to play it as part for our bubble making game. We usually crushed the flowers and leaves until it will become sticky and some juices come out. We will mix it with a little amount of laundry powder soap and water. By the then, we used of hollow papaya stalks as straw for blowing bubbles.

Hibiscus Flower is also known as Bunga Raya in Malaysia. Bunga raya is Malaysia’s and South Korea’s National Flower.

Some of the Photos/Pictures of Bunga Raya or Gumamela-Hibiscus.
Red Hibiscus/Bunga Raya/Gumamela

Orange Hibiscus

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  1. hehe i still remember i do what u do... playing it to do a bubbles... by the way nice shoot!


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